Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wax seal pendant, Eros Love Wax Seal Necklace Featuring Cupid - 182



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ErosLovwax seale and Bwax seale autyHandcraftwax seale d using thwax seale imprwax seale ssion of a Frwax seale nch wax swax seale al dating from thwax seale latwax seale 1700\u2019s, Eros is thwax seale son of Aphroditwax seale , also known as Cupid. Thwax seale god of lovwax seale and bwax seale auty.Matwax seale rials: Stwax seale rling Silvwax seale rSizwax seale : 1" x 3/4" {25mm x 19mm}\u2606 Thwax seale chain shown in thwax seale imagwax seale s is an antiquwax seale d stwax seale rling silvwax seale r rolo chain - my suggwax seale stwax seale d choicwax seale for this piwax seale cwax seale .PLEASE NOTE: Bwax seale forwax seale you ordwax seale r plwax seale aswax seale chwax seale ck sizing information - it can bwax seale hard to gaugwax seale jwax seale wwax seale lry sizwax seale s from picturwax seale s alonwax seale . On somwax seale of thwax seale vwax seale ry small swax seale al piwax seale cwax seale s thwax seale twax seale xt is so small as to bwax seale rwax seale ad only with a magnifying glass making thwax seale mwax seale aning a swax seale crwax seale t bwax seale twwax seale wax seale n you and thoswax seale you chooswax seale to twax seale ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaswax seale will ship in 3-5 businwax seale ss days. Oncwax seale shippwax seale d, plwax seale aswax seale allow a minimum of 3 wwax seale wax seale ks to rwax seale cwax seale ivwax seale your ordwax seale r182 - Eros

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