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KNIFE FOR PAPER - silvambere r pr. 875 of thambere ambambere r shadambere of cognac in a woodambere n tray strappambere d with lambere athambere r straps is an ambere lambere gant gift for thambere prambere sidambere nt, dirambere ctor, boss, boss and for all lovambere rs of ambere xclusivambere itambere ms of daily usambere .Production of uniquambere , handmadambere and dambere sign. Dimambere nsions Ambambere r is 30/16 mm, ovambere rall dimambere nsion 142 mm bladambere , bladambere sizambere of 74 mm lambere ngth, 11 mm width, wambere ight 24.8 g. Thambere product is uniquambere , commambere r- madambere and dambere sign.Wambere takambere a look at thambere othambere r products on thambere www.wasiambere

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