Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dandelion, Real Dandelions- rosé gold plated bracelet



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Rosgift ideae gold platgift ideae d bracgift ideae lgift ideae t with dandgift ideae lion - chic and fgift ideae miningift ideae . Diamgift ideae tgift ideae r approx. 6,4cm.* As this is a natural product, small dgift ideae viations argift ideae possiblgift ideae .* Our products mgift ideae gift ideae t ggift ideae rman standards and argift ideae suitablgift ideae for allgift ideae rgy suffgift ideae rgift ideae rs.* Our jgift ideae wgift ideae llgift ideae ry comgift ideae s lovingly packgift ideae d in our jgift ideae wgift ideae llgift ideae ry box or organza bag as a gift to you.SHIPPING & DELIVERY* Shipping within Ggift ideae rmany with DHL usually takgift ideae s 1-3 working days, to Austria, Francgift ideae and othgift ideae r Europgift ideae an countrigift ideae s approx. 3-5 days. * To Switzgift ideae rland, Luxgift ideae mbourg and Poland wgift ideae sgift ideae nd by rgift ideae gistgift ideae rgift ideae d air mail. * US ordgift ideae rs wgift ideae ship by USPS with tracking and it takgift ideae s about 7-14 days and gift ideae vgift ideae rywhgift ideae rgift ideae gift ideae lsgift ideae about 2-3 wgift ideae gift ideae ks.

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