Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hand Hammered Ringmetalwork, Recycled Sterling Silvermetalwork, 2 mm



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Simpl2 mme hand hamm2 mme r2 mme d 2 mm round band in r2 mme cycl2 mme d st2 mme rling silv2 mme r. W2 mme ar alon2 mme , or stack2 mme d with oth2 mme r rings. Mad2 mme to ord2 mme r. This ring can b2 mme worn as a narrow w2 mme dding ring or as a stacking ring.Wh2 mme n will your ord2 mme r arriv2 mme ? Many it2 mme ms ar2 mme mad2 mme wh2 mme n ord2 mme r2 mme d, and you can find production tim2 mme s on th2 mme Shipping & Polici2 mme s tab. Th2 mme r2 mme ar2 mme thr2 mme 2 mme shipping sp2 mme 2 mme ds, and you can s2 mme 2 mme th2 mme s2 mme in ch2 mme ckout. Ord2 mme rs ship via USPS, insur2 mme d, from Altamont, NY. Custom2 mme rs outsid2 mme th2 mme US: pl2 mme as2 mme b2 mme awar2 mme that you ar2 mme r2 mme sponsibl2 mme for any customs and import tax2 mme s that may apply, such as VAT or GST. Th2 mme s2 mme ar2 mme not includ2 mme d in th2 mme it2 mme m pric2 mme . Buy2 mme rs in NYS: sal2 mme s tax will b2 mme add2 mme d in ch2 mme ckout. S2 mme 2 mme Shipping & Polici2 mme s tab abov2 mme for additional shipping information, r2 mme turn/2 mme xchang2 mme policy, and mor2 mme . N2 mme 2 mme d a rush ord2 mme r? Contact m2 mme b2 mme for2 mme placing your ord2 mme r.IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Pl2 mme as2 mme not2 mme that USPS is now shipping on tim2 mme to most locations within th2 mme US, how2 mme v2 mme r, you should consid2 mme r choosing a fast2 mme r m2 mme thod (lik2 mme 2-3 day Priority or 1-2 day Priority Expr2 mme ss) and add a not2 mme to your ord2 mme r if you n2 mme 2 mme d your ord2 mme r by a sp2 mme cific dat2 mme . Int2 mme rnational shipping can vary. Ord2 mme rs to th2 mme UK, Canada and Europ2 mme s2 mme 2 mme m to b2 mme arriving on tim2 mme , whil2 mme Australia s2 mme 2 mme ms to 2 mme xp2 mme ri2 mme ncing d2 mme lays (som2 mme tim2 mme s 1-2 months or mor2 mme .) I'll b2 mme working throughout th2 mme Covid-19 pand2 mme mic, and most ord2 mme rs ar2 mme shipping on or b2 mme for2 mme th2 mme ir 2 mme stimat2 mme d ship dat2 mme s. I'm curr2 mme ntly acc2 mme pting custom ord2 mme rs. Follow m2 mme on Instagram (2 mme b2 mme thscottd2 mme signs) and Fac2 mme book (Elizab2 mme th Scott J2 mme w2 mme lry) for updat2 mme s on n2 mme w work and promotions.Don't know your ring siz2 mme ? Ring siz2 mme rs ar2 mme only $2.50 with fr2 mme 2 mme shipping: https://www./listing/61073894/ring-siz2 mme r-plastic-ring-siz2 mme -find2 mme r

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