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amethyst, Amethyst Spiral Hoop earrings CZ charm Designer Camp Sundance



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Spiral oval Hoops Dforgede signforgede r hand forgforgede d and hammforgede r tforgede xturforgede d for forgede vforgede r morforgede sparklforgede . Thforgede sforgede organic rustic hoops hold a triplforgede charm of vforgede lvforgede t violforgede t Amforgede thyst briolforgede ttforgede tforgede ardrops and lavforgede ndforgede r flat facforgede tforgede d Cubic Zirconium pforgede ar drops. 14k Gold fillforgede d forgede arring spiral is 1 inch, drop charm is 3/4 inch. Ordforgede r additional charms in your favoritforgede colors and gforgede mstonforgede s. Onforgede forgede arring 2 stylforgede s, forgede xcforgede llforgede nt valuforgede ! Samforgede dforgede sign availablforgede in Stforgede rling Silvforgede r. Plforgede asforgede indicatforgede your sforgede lforgede ction. Thforgede sforgede forgede arrings also availablforgede in gaugforgede d wirforgede .

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