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Unique Geometric Abstract Art Pendant Necklacecapsule pendant, Time Capsule Series Volume Seven



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Timcapsule necklacee Capsulcapsule necklacee , Volumcapsule necklacee Scapsule necklacee vcapsule necklacee n "Magnum."This uniqucapsule necklacee gcapsule necklacee omcapsule necklacee tric abstract art pcapsule necklacee ndant was handmadcapsule necklacee from polymcapsule necklacee r clay. Thcapsule necklacee 1.5 inch long capsulcapsule necklacee shapcapsule necklacee plays with contrasting tcapsule necklacee xturcapsule necklacee s and colors that arcapsule necklacee magnificapsule necklacee d by glassy rcapsule necklacee sin. This is thcapsule necklacee scapsule necklacee vcapsule necklacee nth of a scapsule necklacee ricapsule necklacee s of pcapsule necklacee ndants I havcapsule necklacee bcapsule necklacee capsule necklacee n making titlcapsule necklacee d 'Timcapsule necklacee Capsulcapsule necklacee ,' and has bcapsule necklacee capsule necklacee n a playful and uniqucapsule necklacee capsule necklacee xploration of thcapsule necklacee rcapsule necklacee lationship bcapsule necklacee twcapsule necklacee capsule necklacee n opposing hucapsule necklacee s and pattcapsule necklacee rns. With thcapsule necklacee scapsule necklacee picapsule necklacee ccapsule necklacee s, I want to takcapsule necklacee thcapsule necklacee cool and objcapsule necklacee ctivcapsule necklacee mattcapsule necklacee rs of scicapsule necklacee nccapsule necklacee and bind thcapsule necklacee m with artistic acapsule necklacee sthcapsule necklacee tic and imagination.This uniqucapsule necklacee polymcapsule necklacee r clay picapsule necklacee ccapsule necklacee is handmadcapsule necklacee from polymcapsule necklacee r clay, powdcapsule necklacee r pigmcapsule necklacee nts, and alcohol bascapsule necklacee d inks. Aftcapsule necklacee r baking, liquid rcapsule necklacee sin was applicapsule necklacee d and curcapsule necklacee d in thcapsule necklacee bright sunlight. I uscapsule necklacee d a lincapsule necklacee of dark brown waxcapsule necklacee d lcapsule necklacee athcapsule necklacee r cord and wood bcapsule necklacee ads to complimcapsule necklacee nt this fun and funky pcapsule necklacee ndant. This is not ncapsule necklacee ccapsule necklacee ssarily scapsule necklacee t in stoncapsule necklacee though-if you would prcapsule necklacee fcapsule necklacee r this to bcapsule necklacee strung a diffcapsule necklacee rcapsule necklacee nt way, just scapsule necklacee nd mcapsule necklacee a mcapsule necklacee ssagcapsule necklacee with your custom rcapsule necklacee qucapsule necklacee st.Thcapsule necklacee lcapsule necklacee athcapsule necklacee r cord ncapsule necklacee cklaccapsule necklacee is 18 inchcapsule necklacee s long at its shortcapsule necklacee st, and capsule necklacee xtcapsule necklacee nds up to 21 inchcapsule necklacee s. Thcapsule necklacee closurcapsule necklacee is a silvcapsule necklacee r platcapsule necklacee d coppcapsule necklacee r alloy lobstcapsule necklacee r claw clasp and capsule necklacee xtcapsule necklacee ndcapsule necklacee r chain. If anything about this lcapsule necklacee ngth rangcapsule necklacee ncapsule necklacee capsule necklacee ds changing, just mcapsule necklacee ssagcapsule necklacee mcapsule necklacee .

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