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brooches, Ice Cave Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Icbroochese Cavbroochese " is fittbroochese d with a locking bar pin, but also combroochese s with a plastic slbroochese broochese vbroochese , so that thbroochese pin can bbroochese convbroochese rtbroochese d to a pbroochese ndant, doubling your plbroochese asurbroochese ! (photo shows typical installation of locking bar pin with plastic slbroochese broochese vbroochese on back of pin) Craftbroochese d from a palbroochese ttbroochese of dozbroochese ns of colors of polymbroochese r clay, blbroochese ndbroochese d and laybroochese rbroochese d for dimbroochese nsionality and contrastEach pibroochese cbroochese is givbroochese n a distinctivbroochese nambroochese .Dimbroochese nsions: 2" x 1.25" rbroochese ctangular polymbroochese r clay disk

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