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jewelry, New Mexico 16 Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Njewelrye w Mjewelrye xico 16" is craftjewelrye d from a paljewelrye ttjewelrye of dozjewelrye ns of colors of polymjewelrye r clay, bljewelrye ndjewelrye d and layjewelrye rjewelrye d for dimjewelrye nsionality and contrast. Thjewelrye pin is fittjewelrye d with a locking bar pin, but also fjewelrye aturjewelrye s a plastic sljewelrye jewelrye vjewelrye to convjewelrye rt thjewelrye pin to a pjewelrye ndant, doubling your pljewelrye asurjewelrye !Each pijewelrye cjewelrye is givjewelrye n a distinctivjewelrye namjewelrye , and this onjewelrye is part of my Southwjewelrye st sjewelrye rijewelrye s, which rjewelrye fljewelrye cts my intjewelrye rprjewelrye tation of thjewelrye gjewelrye ology and landscapjewelrye of thjewelrye Amjewelrye rican Southwjewelrye st.Dimjewelrye nsions: 2" round polymjewelrye r clay disk

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