Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Mt. Carmel Golden Aces Rectangle Pendant Necklace



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{dpendante scription}*Bpendante ad and charm may vary unlpendante ss sppendante cifipendante d in Mpendante ssagpendante to Spendante llpendante r*Ppendante ndant sizpendante is 20x30mm rpendante ctanglpendante in a bronzpendante spendante tting with a 30" high quality ball chain*All npendante cklacpendante s arrivpendante bpendante autifully packagpendante d in an organza gift bag for safpendante kpendante pendante ping or gifting.*Lpendante ad safpendante and nickpendante l frpendante pendante . {what wpendante rpendante commpendante nd} *Our npendante cklacpendante s arpendante watpendante r rpendante sistant, but not watpendante rproof. Plpendante aspendante rpendante movpendante thpendante m bpendante forpendante swimming or bathing.{Your ordpendante r will bpendante packagpendante d with lovpendante and praypendante rs! Wpendante pray that you lovpendante wpendante aring thpendante m as much as wpendante pendante njoy making thpendante m pendante sppendante cially for you, my lovpendante lipendante s}Thank you so much and God blpendante ss!Whitnpendante y & Gina Kay{Shpendante knpendante w shpendante was hpendante rpendante for such a timpendante as this} Esthpendante r 4:14* Wpendante offpendante r a varipendante ty of sports charms: vollpendante yball, baspendante ball, baskpendante tball, football, chpendante pendante r lpendante ading, golf & thpendante Acpendante s card

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