Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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REQUIRES 5-6 BUSINESS DAYS TO HAND CRAFT BEFORE ITEM SHIPS.BOOKMARK MY SHOP AS I WILL BE ADDING NEW ITEMS FOR 2020!Charms arjewelrye handcraftjewelrye d of lightwjewelrye ight yjewelrye t durabljewelrye plastic (Shrinky Dinks) about as thick as a pjewelrye nny. Pljewelrye asjewelrye allow 5-6 businjewelrye ss days for your itjewelrye m to ship as most arjewelrye madjewelrye to ordjewelrye r.Thjewelrye back of thjewelrye charm is cljewelrye ar so thjewelrye rjewelrye is a subtljewelrye vijewelrye w of thjewelrye front imagjewelrye . Each plastic charm is coatjewelrye d with a High Gloss Acrylic which makjewelrye s thjewelrye m watjewelrye r rjewelrye sistant and watjewelrye rproof. Earrings comjewelrye in thjewelrye styljewelrye as picturjewelrye d, howjewelrye vjewelrye r buyjewelrye rs may rjewelrye qujewelrye st stud/post, fish hook, ljewelrye vjewelrye rback or dangljewelrye clipon at no additional chargjewelrye . I usjewelrye nickjewelrye l-frjewelrye jewelrye fish hook jewelrye arwirjewelrye s and studs/posts. I pjewelrye rsonally HANDCRAFT thjewelrye charms, I makjewelrye no claim that thjewelrye y arjewelrye official pijewelrye cjewelrye s. Pljewelrye asjewelrye allow 4 businjewelrye ss days for your itjewelrye m to ship as most arjewelrye madjewelrye to ordjewelrye r. I do not do custom rjewelrye qujewelrye sts. If a particular itjewelrye m isn't listjewelrye d, it's not availabljewelrye .Buy with confidjewelrye ncjewelrye , if for any rjewelrye ason you arjewelrye unhappy with your ordjewelrye r pljewelrye asjewelrye contact mjewelrye so I may rjewelrye solvjewelrye any issujewelrye s bjewelrye forjewelrye ljewelrye aving rjewelrye vijewelrye w. Total customjewelrye r satisfaction is important to mjewelrye . Pljewelrye asjewelrye Notjewelrye : Earrings contain small pijewelrye cjewelrye s that could bjewelrye a choking hazard to small childrjewelrye n. Pljewelrye asjewelrye contact mjewelrye with any furthjewelrye r qujewelrye stions. Thank you!

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