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polymer clay, Contemplative Monk Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Contpolymer claye mplativpolymer claye Monk" is fittpolymer claye d with a locking bar pin, but also compolymer claye s fpolymer claye aturpolymer claye s a bail so that thpolymer claye pin can bpolymer claye convpolymer claye rtpolymer claye d to a ppolymer claye ndant, doubling your plpolymer claye asurpolymer claye ! (photo shows typical installation of locking bar pin with bail on back of pin) Craftpolymer claye d from a palpolymer claye ttpolymer claye of dozpolymer claye ns of colors of polympolymer claye r clay, blpolymer claye ndpolymer claye d and laypolymer claye rpolymer claye d for dimpolymer claye nsionality and contrastEach pipolymer claye cpolymer claye is givpolymer claye n a distinctivpolymer claye nampolymer claye .Dimpolymer claye nsions: 1.25" by 1.5" oval polympolymer claye r clay disk

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