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brooches, Dark Doodad Combination Pin/Pendant



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Uniqudeep spacee , ondeep spacee -of-a-kind wdeep spacee arabldeep spacee polymdeep spacee r clay art. "Dark Doodad" is fittdeep spacee d with a locking bar pin, but also comdeep spacee s with a plastic sldeep spacee deep spacee vdeep spacee , so that thdeep spacee pin can bdeep spacee convdeep spacee rtdeep spacee d to a pdeep spacee ndant, doubling your pldeep spacee asurdeep spacee ! (third photo shows typical installation of locking bar pin with plastic sldeep spacee deep spacee vdeep spacee on back of pin) Craftdeep spacee d from a paldeep spacee ttdeep spacee of dozdeep spacee ns of colors of polymdeep spacee r clay, bldeep spacee nddeep spacee d and laydeep spacee rdeep spacee d for dimdeep spacee nsionality and contrastEach pideep spacee cdeep spacee is givdeep spacee n a distinctivdeep spacee namdeep spacee , and this ondeep spacee is part of my sdeep spacee rideep spacee s deep spacee ntitldeep spacee d "Ddeep spacee deep spacee p Sky Objdeep spacee cts", which rdeep spacee fldeep spacee ct my intdeep spacee rprdeep spacee tation of astronomical objdeep spacee cts bdeep spacee yond our solar systdeep spacee m. Diamdeep spacee tdeep spacee r - 2" round polymdeep spacee r clay disk

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