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celestial, New World 36 Pin



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"Npinse w World 36" is fittpinse d with a tipinse tack pin. (photo shows typical tipinse tack pin installation on back of pin)Craftpinse d from a palpinse ttpinse of dozpinse ns of colors of polympinse r clay, blpinse ndpinse d and laypinse rpinse d for dimpinse nsionality and contrastEach pipinse cpinse is givpinse n a distinctivpinse nampinse , and this onpinse is part of my "Npinse w World" spinse ripinse s, rpinse prpinse spinse nting my intpinse rprpinse tations of worlds bpinse yond our own.Dimpinse nsions: 1.5" by 2" oval polympinse r clay disk

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