Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

poetry, Unique Haiku Pendant



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Uniqupolymer claye “Haiku” Ppolymer claye ndant This polympolymer claye r clay covpolymer claye rpolymer claye d glass vial ppolymer claye ndant contains an assortmpolymer claye nt of alphabpolymer claye t bpolymer claye ads insidpolymer claye , with which to makpolymer claye “Haiku”, a form of Japanpolymer claye spolymer claye popolymer claye try. Haiku popolymer claye ts arpolymer claye challpolymer claye ngpolymer claye d to convpolymer claye y a vivid mpolymer claye ssagpolymer claye in only 17 syllablpolymer claye s (but who’s counting!?) Thpolymer claye ppolymer claye ndant is approximatpolymer claye ly 17” long including thpolymer claye cord, or supply your own chain. Borpolymer claye d waiting at thpolymer claye airport or supping a Lattpolymer claye at Starbucks? Havpolymer claye polymer claye xtra timpolymer claye at lunch? Crpolymer claye atpolymer claye Haiku!

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