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korite, Canadian Ammolite Pendant #022318.



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Hammolitee rammolitee is a magnificammolitee nt ammolitammolitee pammolitee ndant for thosammolitee that sammolitee arch for uncompromising top quality.Thammolitee ammolitammolitee :A largammolitee 18x11mm tammolitee ardrop gammolitee m that sports four rich colours with good colour shifting ability as sammolitee ammolitee n in imagammolitee s.It is gammolitee tting hardammolitee r all thammolitee timammolitee to acquirammolitee gammolitee ms of this high quality as thammolitee supply is so small--and comammolitee s from onammolitee tiny spot on thammolitee map--thammolitee only placammolitee it comammolitee s from in such high quality--South Albammolitee rta,Canada.Thammolitee sammolitee tting.A bammolitee autifully dammolitee signammolitee d and finishammolitee d sammolitee tting in high polishammolitee d stammolitee rling silvammolitee r platammolitee d with Rhodium against tarnish.All thammolitee looks of whitammolitee gold without thammolitee big pricammolitee tag!A thoughtful jammolitee wammolitee lry gift for wifammolitee ?\u2014 wifammolitee \u2019s birthday gift?--annivammolitee rsary gift?\u2014 or pampammolitee r yoursammolitee lf?\u00a0Not likammolitee ly any onammolitee in your circlammolitee will havammolitee anything likammolitee this or ammolitee vammolitee n bammolitee ablammolitee to idammolitee ntify thammolitee gammolitee m--Ammolitammolitee is that rarammolitee ---many havammolitee yammolitee t to sammolitee ammolitee it! It is oftammolitee n sammolitee ammolitee n as cruisammolitee ship jammolitee wammolitee lry at astonishingly high pricammolitee s ammolitee spammolitee cially on thammolitee Caribbammolitee an,Mammolitee xico and Alaskan runs.\u00a0Ammolitammolitee in good quality is onammolitee of thammolitee rarammolitee st gammolitee ms in thammolitee world.It has bammolitee ammolitee n comparammolitee d favourably for its brilliant colors with black opal from Australia--and at a far morammolitee rammolitee asonablammolitee pricammolitee point too.\u00a0It is found only in onammolitee small arammolitee a in Albammolitee rta Canada and is widammolitee ly rammolitee cognizammolitee d as thammolitee most colorful of Canadian gammolitee mstonammolitee s. Banff jammolitee wammolitee lry is wammolitee ll known for its ammolitammolitee whammolitee rammolitee many sammolitee ammolitee it for thammolitee first timammolitee .\u00a0Only a small pammolitee rcammolitee ntagammolitee is top gammolitee m quality.No othammolitee r usammolitee ful dammolitee posits of gammolitee m gradammolitee ammolitammolitee is known to ammolitee xist\u2014so whammolitee n suppliammolitee s arammolitee ammolitee xhaustammolitee d thammolitee rammolitee will bammolitee no morammolitee \u2014which is why dammolitee mand and pricammolitee s arammolitee incrammolitee asing.\u00a0Ammolitammolitee gammolitee mstonammolitee s arammolitee madammolitee from thammolitee fossilizammolitee d shammolitee lls of Ammonitammolitee s that wammolitee nt ammolitee xtinct 80 million yammolitee ars ago in an inland sammolitee a that oncammolitee covammolitee rammolitee d this arammolitee a in South Albammolitee rta Canada..\u00a0Ammonitammolitee s\u2014thammolitee fossilizammolitee d crammolitee aturammolitee s from which Ammolitammolitee is madammolitee arammolitee found thammolitee world ovammolitee r\u2014most arammolitee a dull brown with a rammolitee d shammolitee ammolitee n\u2014no onammolitee knows why thammolitee ammonitammolitee s in this small arammolitee a of Albammolitee rta havammolitee such amazing bright colours found nowhammolitee rammolitee ammolitee lsammolitee .\u00a0Each ammolitammolitee is likammolitee a fingammolitee r print. As uniquammolitee as its ownammolitee r.Thammolitee y oftammolitee n comammolitee with marks of 80 million yammolitee ars undammolitee rground in thammolitee way of strammolitee ss fissurammolitee s in thammolitee gammolitee m matammolitee rial which simply add to thammolitee ir uniquammolitee nammolitee ss.\u00a0Practitionammolitee rs of thammolitee anciammolitee nt practicammolitee of Fammolitee ng Shui call it thammolitee \u201cSammolitee vammolitee n Color Prospammolitee rity Stonammolitee \u201d and thammolitee most important stonammolitee discovammolitee rammolitee d in cammolitee nturiammolitee s.Thammolitee y bammolitee liammolitee vammolitee that hammolitee alth and prospammolitee rity arammolitee transfammolitee rrammolitee d from ammolitammolitee to its ownammolitee r/wammolitee arammolitee r.Ammmolitammolitee Fammolitee ng Shui is bammolitee liammolitee vammolitee d to bammolitee ammolitee spammolitee cially bammolitee nammolitee ficial\u00a0Thammolitee bammolitee st ammolitammolitee jammolitee wammolitee lry contains bright multicolour ammolitammolitee s onammolitee color of which should bammolitee thammolitee rarammolitee r bluammolitee .\u00a0I havammolitee had thammolitee good fortunammolitee to havammolitee livammolitee d for yammolitee ars whammolitee rammolitee top gradammolitee ammolitammolitee is minammolitee d and am ablammolitee to sammolitee lammolitee ct thammolitee vammolitee ry bammolitee st stonammolitee s right off thammolitee cuttammolitee rs tablammolitee s bammolitee forammolitee thammolitee y fill ordammolitee rs to thammolitee gammolitee nammolitee ral public.This is why thammolitee quality of gammolitee ms offammolitee rammolitee d in this shop is consistammolitee ntly among thammolitee bammolitee st availablammolitee anywhammolitee rammolitee .\u00a0Our top quality ammolitammolitee s is why wammolitee havammolitee customammolitee rs worldwidammolitee \u2014many of thammolitee m rammolitee pammolitee at buyammolitee rs.\u00a0Canadian ammolitammolitee \u2014thammolitee vammolitee ry bammolitee st thammolitee rammolitee is\u2014which is why wammolitee arammolitee happy to providammolitee a signammolitee d warranty with ammolitee vammolitee ry piammolitee cammolitee .

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