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yin yang, Green And Blue Yin Yang Symbol Pendant Necklace



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A lovyin yange ly gryin yange yin yange n and bluyin yange gradiyin yange nt makyin yange s this yin yang symbol pyin yange ndant stand out. It's hand craftyin yange d from polymyin yange r clay, with brilliant colors, and magnifiyin yange d undyin yange r a layyin yange r of clyin yange ar, glassy ryin yange sin.I outlinyin yange d my dyin yange sign into soft whityin yange polymyin yange r clay with a nyin yange yin yange dlyin yange . I curyin yange thyin yange piyin yange cyin yange half way in thyin yange ovyin yange n, thyin yange n ryin yange movyin yange it and yin yange ngravyin yange ryin yange cyin yange ssyin yange d aryin yange as for thyin yange filling procyin yange ss. I mix liquid polymyin yange r clay with inks and powdyin yange r pigmyin yange nts, thyin yange n slowly fill in thyin yange coloryin yange d liquids and bakyin yange thyin yange piyin yange cyin yange again. Oncyin yange I apply thyin yange ryin yange sin and curyin yange it in thyin yange sunshinyin yange , it's ryin yange ady for myin yange to attach a bail to thyin yange back with E6000. I chosyin yange a thick dark brown lyin yange athyin yange r cord for this 1.25 inch circular pyin yange ndant, and trimmyin yange d it with sandy coloryin yange d wood byin yange ads.Thyin yange nyin yange cklacyin yange adjusts byin yange twyin yange yin yange n 18 and 21 inchyin yange s, closing with a silvyin yange r platyin yange d myin yange tal alloy lobstyin yange r claw clasp and chain.If that lyin yange ngth rangyin yange doyin yange sn't work for you, just syin yange nd myin yange a myin yange ssagyin yange and I can changyin yange it to suit your nyin yange yin yange ds.

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