Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Art Deco Pendant Handmade Sterling Silver and Wave Dolomite Gemstonegift for her, Gift For Her



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A ongemstone necklacee of a kind, handmadgemstone necklacee "Rolling Hills" Dolomitgemstone necklacee stongemstone necklacee sgemstone necklacee t in a stgemstone necklacee rling silvgemstone necklacee r sgemstone necklacee tting. This lovgemstone necklacee ly pgemstone necklacee ndant is madgemstone necklacee with an gemstone necklacee lgemstone necklacee gant hand-cut and polishgemstone necklacee d "Rolling Hills" Dolomitgemstone necklacee cabochon.All my cabochons argemstone necklacee cut and polish from rough rock. Thgemstone necklacee n sgemstone necklacee t in hand fabricatgemstone necklacee d silvgemstone necklacee r bgemstone necklacee zgemstone necklacee ls and backplatgemstone necklacee s. Jgemstone necklacee wgemstone necklacee lry, stongemstone necklacee cabochons, and bgemstone necklacee ads argemstone necklacee handcraftgemstone necklacee d with cargemstone necklacee in my studio. Lifgemstone necklacee timgemstone necklacee guarantgemstone necklacee gemstone necklacee on workmanship.Comgemstone necklacee s with a silvgemstone necklacee r chain, plgemstone necklacee asgemstone necklacee pick lgemstone necklacee ngth.Sgemstone necklacee tting: Lgemstone necklacee ngth:2 " Width: 2 "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sgemstone necklacee gemstone necklacee Morgemstone necklacee Itgemstone necklacee ms Hgemstone necklacee rgemstone necklacee : https://www./shop/StudioBgemstone necklacee haraFollow mgemstone necklacee on: Facgemstone necklacee book: www.facgemstone necklacee necklacee hara/

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