Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green stone earrings, Vintage Green Swirl Design Bakelite or Plastic Clip On Earrings



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This is a pair of Vintagvintage earringse Grvintage earringse vintage earringse n Swirl Dvintage earringse sign Bakvintage earringse litvintage earringse or Plastic Clip On Earrings. 1930's Era. Thvintage earringse y arvintage earringse in Good Condition with normal agvintage earringse wvintage earringse ar. Thvintage earringse y mvintage earringse asurvintage earringse approx. 1 inchvintage earringse s across. I could find no markings on thvintage earringse m. If you havvintage earringse any morvintage earringse quvintage earringse stions plvintage earringse asvintage earringse ask bvintage earringse forvintage earringse you purchasvintage earringse . I ship to thvintage earringse USA. No Intvintage earringse rnational Shipping. I also insurvintage earringse all of my packagvintage earringse s to makvintage earringse survintage earringse that thvintage earringse y arrivvintage earringse to you safvintage earringse ly. Thanks for looking.

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