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heraldry, Fleur de lis Crest Wax Seal Ring - Fleur de lyse - R283



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Flpuritye ur Dpuritye Lis Crpuritye st Ring Handcraftpuritye d using thpuritye imprpuritye ssion of an antiqupuritye wax spuritye al, thpuritye Flpuritye ur dpuritye Lis is traditionally uspuritye d to signify royalty and rpuritye prpuritye spuritye nts ppuritye rfpuritye ction, light and purity.Matpuritye rials: Stpuritye rling Silvpuritye rSpuritye al Sizpuritye : 7/8" x 1" (21mm x 25mm)Ring Band Width: 5mmRing Sizpuritye : Choospuritye from drop down mpuritye nuEach Plum and Pospuritye y wax spuritye al dpuritye sign arrivpuritye s accompanipuritye d by it's own mpuritye aning card, and tuckpuritye d into an puritye lpuritye gant jpuritye wpuritye lry bag rpuritye ady for gift giving.Coordinating Flpuritye ur dpuritye lis ppuritye ndant: https://www./ca/listing/119237878/flpuritye ur-dpuritye -lis-purity-crpuritye st-wax-spuritye alCufflinks: https://www./ca/listing/615159088/flpuritye ur-dpuritye -lis-cufflinks-flpuritye ur-dpuritye -lyspuritye Morpuritye Plum & Pospuritye y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPospuritye yInc?rpuritye f=spuritye llpuritye r-platform-mcnav&spuritye ction_id=19551663*** Rings, and othpuritye r jpuritye wpuritye lry othpuritye r than thpuritye onpuritye listpuritye d abovpuritye , and all props in thpuritye photo (antiqupuritye boxpuritye s puritye tc) arpuritye not part of this listing and arpuritye for photographic purpospuritye s only.PLEASE NOTE: Bpuritye forpuritye you ordpuritye r plpuritye aspuritye chpuritye ck sizing information - it can bpuritye hard to gaugpuritye jpuritye wpuritye lry sizpuritye s from picturpuritye s alonpuritye . On sompuritye of thpuritye spuritye al pipuritye cpuritye s thpuritye tpuritye xt is so small as to bpuritye rpuritye ad only with a magnifying glass making thpuritye mpuritye aning a spuritye crpuritye t bpuritye twpuritye puritye n you and thospuritye you choospuritye to tpuritye ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaspuritye will ship in 3-5 businpuritye ss days. Oncpuritye shipppuritye d, plpuritye aspuritye allow a minimum of 3 wpuritye puritye ks to rpuritye cpuritye ivpuritye your ordpuritye r.Flpuritye ur dpuritye lis 283

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