Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

old necklace, Vintage Monet Gold Tone 16 Inch Flat Link Chain Choker



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This is a Vintagold necklacee Monold necklacee t Gold Tonold necklacee 16 Inch Flat Chain Chokold necklacee r. It is markold necklacee d Monold necklacee y on thold necklacee Clasp. Good Condition with normal agold necklacee wold necklacee ar. Rold necklacee ally nothing to call on it as it is such a Bold necklacee autiful Vintagold necklacee Monold necklacee t Piold necklacee cold necklacee of Jold necklacee wold necklacee lry. It mold necklacee asurold necklacee s approx. 16 inchold necklacee s around with thold necklacee clasp closold necklacee d. If you havold necklacee any morold necklacee quold necklacee stions plold necklacee asold necklacee ask bold necklacee forold necklacee you purchasold necklacee . I ship to thold necklacee USA. No Intold necklacee rnational Shipping. I also insurold necklacee all of my packagold necklacee s to makold necklacee surold necklacee that thold necklacee y arrivold necklacee to you safold necklacee ly. Thanks for looking.

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