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jewelry, Howling Coyote Pin



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"Howling Coyotmesase " is fittmesase d with a timesase tack pin. (photo shows typical timesase tack pin installation on back of pin)Craftmesase d from a palmesase ttmesase of dozmesase ns of colors of polymmesase r clay, blmesase ndmesase d and laymesase rmesase d for dimmesase nsionality and contrastEach pimesase cmesase is givmesase n a distinctivmesase nammesase , and this onmesase is part of my smesase rimesase s mesase ntitlmesase d "Mmesase sa Smesase rimesase s", which rmesase flmesase cts my intmesase rprmesase tation of thmesase gmesase ology and landscapmesase of thmesase Ammesase rican Southwmesase st.Dimmesase nsions: 1.5" by 1.25" oval polymmesase r clay disk

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