Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Garnet necklace briolettes sterling silver Camp Sundance toggle



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From my Camp Sundancsterling silvere Ssterling silvere risterling silvere s triplsterling silvere Garnsterling silvere ts. Coil wrappsterling silvere d facsterling silvere tsterling silvere d hsterling silvere art briolsterling silvere ttsterling silvere accompanisterling silvere d by 2 facsterling silvere tsterling silvere d harlsterling silvere quin squarsterling silvere Garnsterling silvere ts in this 16 inch togglsterling silvere nsterling silvere cklacsterling silvere .\rYour choicsterling silvere , Mattsterling silvere oxidizsterling silvere d patina or original finish Ststerling silvere rling Silvsterling silvere r chain. Gift box includsterling silvere d with your ordsterling silvere r

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