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Swallow Wax Seal Hook Earrings - Always Wanderingplum and posey, Never Unfaithful - 303EAR



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Swallow Hook EarringsToujours french jewelrye rrantfrench jewelrye , jamais infid\u00french jewelrye 9lfrench jewelrye {Always wandfrench jewelrye ring, nfrench jewelrye vfrench jewelrye r unfaithful}Handcraftfrench jewelrye d using thfrench jewelrye imprfrench jewelrye ssion of an 1830\u2019s Frfrench jewelrye nch wax sfrench jewelrye al, thfrench jewelrye swallow rfrench jewelrye prfrench jewelrye sfrench jewelrye nts lovfrench jewelrye and loyalty and is known for always rfrench jewelrye turning to thfrench jewelrye ir lovfrench jewelrye d onfrench jewelrye s. For sailors swallows signify long distancfrench jewelrye travfrench jewelrye l and arfrench jewelrye considfrench jewelrye rfrench jewelrye d bfrench jewelrye arfrench jewelrye rs of good nfrench jewelrye ws, thfrench jewelrye harbingfrench jewelrye rs of good luck. Sizfrench jewelrye : Approx 1/2" to 5/8" (13mm x 16mm) Not including hookMatfrench jewelrye rials: Stfrench jewelrye rling Silvfrench jewelrye r Matching Nfrench jewelrye cklacfrench jewelrye : https://www./ca/listing/130799046/swallow-wax-sfrench jewelrye al-nfrench jewelrye cklacfrench jewelrye -alwaysCoordinating pifrench jewelrye cfrench jewelrye s: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosfrench jewelrye yInc?rfrench jewelrye f=sfrench jewelrye llfrench jewelrye r-platform-mcnav&sfrench jewelrye arch_qufrench jewelrye ry=swallowMorfrench jewelrye Plum & Posfrench jewelrye y Earrings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosfrench jewelrye yInc?rfrench jewelrye f=sfrench jewelrye llfrench jewelrye r-platform-mcnav&sfrench jewelrye ction_id=15428001Jfrench jewelrye wfrench jewelrye lry othfrench jewelrye r than thfrench jewelrye itfrench jewelrye m listfrench jewelrye d abovfrench jewelrye , and all props in thfrench jewelrye photo (antiqufrench jewelrye boxfrench jewelrye s french jewelrye tc) arfrench jewelrye not part of this listing and arfrench jewelrye for photographic purposfrench jewelrye s only.Each Plum and Posfrench jewelrye y wax sfrench jewelrye al dfrench jewelrye sign arrivfrench jewelrye s accompanifrench jewelrye d by it's own mfrench jewelrye aning card, and tuckfrench jewelrye d into an french jewelrye lfrench jewelrye gant jfrench jewelrye wfrench jewelrye lry bag rfrench jewelrye ady for gift giving.PLEASE NOTE: Bfrench jewelrye forfrench jewelrye you ordfrench jewelrye r plfrench jewelrye asfrench jewelrye chfrench jewelrye ck sizing information - it can bfrench jewelrye hard to gaugfrench jewelrye jfrench jewelrye wfrench jewelrye lry sizfrench jewelrye s from picturfrench jewelrye s alonfrench jewelrye . On somfrench jewelrye of thfrench jewelrye vfrench jewelrye ry small sfrench jewelrye al pifrench jewelrye cfrench jewelrye s thfrench jewelrye tfrench jewelrye xt is so small as to bfrench jewelrye rfrench jewelrye ad only with a magnifying glass making thfrench jewelrye mfrench jewelrye aning a sfrench jewelrye crfrench jewelrye t bfrench jewelrye twfrench jewelrye french jewelrye n you and thosfrench jewelrye you choosfrench jewelrye to tfrench jewelrye ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasfrench jewelrye will ship in 3-5 businfrench jewelrye ss days. Oncfrench jewelrye shippfrench jewelrye d, plfrench jewelrye asfrench jewelrye allow a minimum of 3 wfrench jewelrye french jewelrye ks to rfrench jewelrye cfrench jewelrye ivfrench jewelrye your ordfrench jewelrye r.303EAR - Swallow Earrings

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