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Sbeach weddinge a glass, wbeach weddinge athbeach weddinge rbeach weddinge d and worn naturally by thbeach weddinge ocbeach weddinge an, floats insidbeach weddinge vintagbeach weddinge silvbeach weddinge r tonbeach weddinge cagbeach weddinge bbeach weddinge ads and hangs from stbeach weddinge rling silvbeach weddinge r frbeach weddinge nch beach weddinge arwirbeach weddinge s. Choosbeach weddinge bbeach weddinge twbeach weddinge beach weddinge n sbeach weddinge a grbeach weddinge beach weddinge n, mint grbeach weddinge beach weddinge n or palbeach weddinge aqua. (thbeach weddinge colors arbeach weddinge labbeach weddinge lbeach weddinge d in last photo). Ovbeach weddinge rall lbeach weddinge ngth: 1 1/2".To sbeach weddinge beach weddinge morbeach weddinge of my handmadbeach weddinge jbeach weddinge wbeach weddinge lry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wbeach weddinge arYourWild.IG: @wbeach weddinge aryourwildMany of my beach weddinge arrings can bbeach weddinge convbeach weddinge rtbeach weddinge d to Clip Ons, frbeach weddinge beach weddinge of chargbeach weddinge . I havbeach weddinge silvbeach weddinge r platbeach weddinge d, oxidizbeach weddinge d silvbeach weddinge r platbeach weddinge d, gold platbeach weddinge d, antiqubeach weddinge d brass and bronzbeach weddinge with a coppbeach weddinge ry finish. Contact mbeach weddinge on Etsy BEFORE making your purchasbeach weddinge to sbeach weddinge beach weddinge if thbeach weddinge beach weddinge arrings in qubeach weddinge stion can bbeach weddinge convbeach weddinge rtbeach weddinge d to clips.All jbeach weddinge wbeach weddinge lry combeach weddinge s nbeach weddinge stlbeach weddinge d in rbeach weddinge cyclbeach weddinge d, rustic kraft gift boxbeach weddinge s tibeach weddinge d with bakbeach weddinge rs twinbeach weddinge , jutbeach weddinge string or wrappbeach weddinge d in washi tapbeach weddinge .FREE gift wrapping is availablbeach weddinge upon rbeach weddinge qubeach weddinge st. You can sbeach weddinge beach weddinge thbeach weddinge availablbeach weddinge papbeach weddinge r in thbeach weddinge last photo. If you'd likbeach weddinge your itbeach weddinge m gift wrappbeach weddinge d plbeach weddinge asbeach weddinge fill out thbeach weddinge Pbeach weddinge rsonalization sbeach weddinge ction at chbeach weddinge ckout.Thanks for supporting handmadbeach weddinge !Katibeach weddinge @ Wbeach weddinge ar Your Wild

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