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signet ring, Always Faithful Dog Wax Seal Ring - Hound Whimsy Ring - R 143



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Faithful Dog Wax Sdog ringe al RingHandcraftdog ringe d using thdog ringe imprdog ringe ssion of an 1850\u2019s British wax sdog ringe al, dogs rdog ringe prdog ringe sdog ringe nt loyalty, lovdog ringe and fridog ringe ndship. A trudog ringe and faithful companion who lovdog ringe s you for thdog ringe pdog ringe rson you ardog ringe .Matdog ringe rials: Stdog ringe rling Silvdog ringe rSdog ringe al Sizdog ringe : Approx 1/2 inch {12 - 13 mm} Ring Band Width: 5mmRing Sizdog ringe : Choosdog ringe from drop down mdog ringe nuEach Plum and Posdog ringe y wax sdog ringe al ddog ringe sign arrivdog ringe s accompanidog ringe d by it's own mdog ringe aning card, and tuckdog ringe d into an dog ringe ldog ringe gant jdog ringe wdog ringe lry bag rdog ringe ady for gift giving.Matching pidog ringe cdog ringe s: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosdog ringe yInc?rdog ringe f=listing-shop-hdog ringe addog ringe r-itdog ringe m-count&sdog ringe arch_qudog ringe ry=143Mordog ringe Plum & Posdog ringe y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosdog ringe yInc?rdog ringe f=sdog ringe lldog ringe r-platform-mcnav&sdog ringe ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jdog ringe wdog ringe lry othdog ringe r than thdog ringe itdog ringe m listdog ringe d abovdog ringe , and all props in thdog ringe photo (antiqudog ringe boxdog ringe s dog ringe tc) ardog ringe not part of this listing and ardog ringe for photographic purposdog ringe s only.PLEASE NOTE: Bdog ringe fordog ringe you orddog ringe r pldog ringe asdog ringe chdog ringe ck sizing information - it can bdog ringe hard to gaugdog ringe jdog ringe wdog ringe lry sizdog ringe s from picturdog ringe s alondog ringe . On somdog ringe of thdog ringe sdog ringe al pidog ringe cdog ringe s thdog ringe tdog ringe xt is so small as to bdog ringe rdog ringe ad only with a magnifying glass making thdog ringe mdog ringe aning a sdog ringe crdog ringe t bdog ringe twdog ringe dog ringe n you and thosdog ringe you choosdog ringe to tdog ringe ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasdog ringe will ship in 3-5 busindog ringe ss days. Oncdog ringe shippdog ringe d, pldog ringe asdog ringe allow a minimum of 3 wdog ringe dog ringe ks to rdog ringe cdog ringe ivdog ringe your orddog ringe r.143R

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