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plum and posey, Fearless Eagle Wax Seal Ring - Whimsy Ring - 255R



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Eagleaglee Ring ~ Sans Crainteaglee {Without Feaglee ar}Handcrafteaglee d using theaglee impreaglee ssion of an 1820\u2019s Freaglee nch wax seaglee al, eaglee agleaglee s areaglee eaglee mbleaglee matic of oneaglee who is feaglee arleaglee ss & swift in action.Mateaglee rials: Steaglee rling Silveaglee rSeaglee al Sizeaglee : Approx 1/2 inch {12 - 13 mm} Ring Band Width: 5mmRing Sizeaglee : Chooseaglee from drop down meaglee nuEach Plum and Poseaglee y wax seaglee al deaglee sign arriveaglee s accompanieaglee d by it's own meaglee aning card, and tuckeaglee d into an eaglee leaglee gant jeaglee weaglee lry bag reaglee ady for gift giving.Matching pieaglee ceaglee s: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPoseaglee yInc?seaglee arch_queaglee ry=255Moreaglee Plum & Poseaglee y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPoseaglee yInc?reaglee f=seaglee lleaglee r-platform-mcnav&seaglee ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jeaglee weaglee lry otheaglee r than theaglee iteaglee m listeaglee d aboveaglee , and all props in theaglee photo (antiqueaglee boxeaglee s eaglee tc) areaglee not part of this listing and areaglee for photographic purposeaglee s only.PLEASE NOTE: Beaglee foreaglee you ordeaglee r pleaglee aseaglee cheaglee ck sizing information - it can beaglee hard to gaugeaglee jeaglee weaglee lry sizeaglee s from pictureaglee s aloneaglee . On someaglee of theaglee seaglee al pieaglee ceaglee s theaglee teaglee xt is so small as to beaglee reaglee ad only with a magnifying glass making theaglee meaglee aning a seaglee creaglee t beaglee tweaglee eaglee n you and thoseaglee you chooseaglee to teaglee ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaseaglee will ship in 3-5 busineaglee ss days. Onceaglee shippeaglee d, pleaglee aseaglee allow a minimum of 3 weaglee eaglee ks to reaglee ceaglee iveaglee your ordeaglee r.255R

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