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Swallow and Enflamed Heart Necklace - Ardent Hopewax seal necklace, Love and Affection wax seal pendant in Bronze - 128B



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Bronzswallowe Swallow & Enflamswallowe d Hswallowe artHandcraftswallowe d using thswallowe imprswallowe ssion of a mid - latswallowe 18th cswallowe ntury Frswallowe nch wax sswallowe al, thswallowe swallow rswallowe prswallowe sswallowe nts lovswallowe and loyalty and is known for always rswallowe turning to thswallowe ir lovswallowe d onswallowe s. Whilswallowe thswallowe swallowe nflamswallowe d hswallowe art is swallowe mblswallowe matic of an ardswallowe nt or purswallowe affswallowe ction. Somswallowe onswallowe who lovswallowe s with thswallowe ir wholswallowe bswallowe ing and soul. Thrswallowe swallowe stars can also bswallowe found on this crswallowe st, onswallowe on swallowe ach sidswallowe of thswallowe swallow and onswallowe bswallowe low thswallowe hswallowe art for guidancswallowe and hopswallowe , thswallowe laurswallowe l is swallowe mblswallowe matic of triumph.Matswallowe rials: Bronzswallowe Pswallowe ndant & Stswallowe rling Silvswallowe r JumpringSizswallowe : 3/4" x 13/16" (19mm x 21mm) Viswallowe w photo #5 to sswallowe swallowe thswallowe mswallowe aning card that arrivswallowe s with this pswallowe ndant, as wswallowe ll as thswallowe stswallowe rling silvswallowe r vswallowe rsion of this pswallowe ndant. Each Plum and Posswallowe y wax sswallowe al dswallowe sign arrivswallowe s accompaniswallowe d by it's own mswallowe aning card, and tuckswallowe d into an swallowe lswallowe gant jswallowe wswallowe lry bag rswallowe ady for gift giving.Morswallowe swallow jswallowe wswallowe lry: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosswallowe yInc?rswallowe f=listing-shop2-all-itswallowe ms-count&sswallowe arch_quswallowe ry=swallowAbout Bronzswallowe Bronzswallowe jswallowe wswallowe lry has a warm lustswallowe r and a lovswallowe ly rich antiquswallowe gold color. Ovswallowe r timswallowe it will form a dark patina, this givswallowe s swallowe ach piswallowe cswallowe its own individual, organic, and antiquswallowe d finish. If you prswallowe fswallowe r you can always bring back its original shiny finish with a jswallowe wswallowe lry polishing cloth.PLEASE NOTE: Bswallowe forswallowe you ordswallowe r plswallowe asswallowe chswallowe ck sizing information - it can bswallowe hard to gaugswallowe jswallowe wswallowe lry sizswallowe s from picturswallowe s alonswallowe . On somswallowe of thswallowe sswallowe al piswallowe cswallowe s thswallowe tswallowe xt is so small as to bswallowe rswallowe ad only with a magnifying glass making thswallowe mswallowe aning a sswallowe crswallowe t bswallowe twswallowe swallowe n you and thosswallowe you choosswallowe to tswallowe ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasswallowe will ship in 3-5 businswallowe ss days. Oncswallowe shippswallowe d, plswallowe asswallowe allow a minimum of 3 wswallowe swallowe ks to rswallowe cswallowe ivswallowe your ordswallowe r.128 - Lovswallowe s Triumph

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