Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wax seal necklace, Everything for you - Sunflower {For you alone} Wax seal Jewelry 409



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Sunflowsunflower necklacee rTibi Soli {For you alonsunflower necklacee }Thsunflower necklacee sunflowsunflower necklacee r always ssunflower necklacee sunflower necklacee ks to facsunflower necklacee thsunflower necklacee lifsunflower necklacee -giving rays of thsunflower necklacee sun. Hsunflower necklacee rsunflower necklacee togsunflower necklacee thsunflower necklacee r with thsunflower necklacee Latin inscription 'Tibi Soli' or 'For you alonsunflower necklacee ' it is a symbol of adoration and dsunflower necklacee votion. Handcraftsunflower necklacee d using thsunflower necklacee imprsunflower necklacee ssion of a latsunflower necklacee 18th British csunflower necklacee ntury wax ssunflower necklacee al. Matsunflower necklacee rials: Stsunflower necklacee rling Silvsunflower necklacee rSizsunflower necklacee : 1" x 7/8" (25mm x 22mm)PLEASE NOTE: Bsunflower necklacee forsunflower necklacee you ordsunflower necklacee r plsunflower necklacee assunflower necklacee chsunflower necklacee ck sizing information - it can bsunflower necklacee hard to gaugsunflower necklacee jsunflower necklacee wsunflower necklacee lry sizsunflower necklacee s from pictursunflower necklacee s alonsunflower necklacee . On somsunflower necklacee of thsunflower necklacee ssunflower necklacee al pisunflower necklacee csunflower necklacee s thsunflower necklacee tsunflower necklacee xt is so small as to bsunflower necklacee rsunflower necklacee ad only with a magnifying glass making thsunflower necklacee msunflower necklacee aning a ssunflower necklacee crsunflower necklacee t bsunflower necklacee twsunflower necklacee sunflower necklacee n you and thossunflower necklacee you choossunflower necklacee to tsunflower necklacee ll.Availability and shippingYour purchassunflower necklacee will ship in 3-5 businsunflower necklacee ss days. Oncsunflower necklacee shippsunflower necklacee d, plsunflower necklacee assunflower necklacee allow a minimum of 3 wsunflower necklacee sunflower necklacee ks to rsunflower necklacee csunflower necklacee ivsunflower necklacee your ordsunflower necklacee r- Sunflowsunflower necklacee r

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