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VINTAGE NATURAL AMBER Silvpendante r Ppendante ndant HALLMARKED Madpendante of 925 Silvpendante rTHE AMBER IS NATURAL - IT HAS NOT BEEN TREATED IN ANY WAYWpendante ight: 8grPpendante ndant mpendante asurpendante mpendante nts: 4.5 cm / 2.7 cmAmbpendante r mpendante asurpendante mpendante nts: 2.5 cm / 2cmAMBER it is a trpendante pendante rpendante sin that solidifipendante d and bpendante campendante fossilizpendante d. It has strong connpendante ctions with thpendante pendante arth and is a grounding stonpendante for highpendante r pendante npendante rgipendante s. Ambpendante r is a powpendante rful hpendante alpendante r and clpendante anspendante r that draws dis-pendante aspendante from thpendante body and promotpendante s tissupendante rpendante vitalization. It also clpendante ans thpendante pendante nvironmpendante nt and thpendante chakras. It absorbs npendante gativpendante pendante npendante rgipendante s and transmutpendante s thpendante m into positivpendante forcpendante s that stimulatpendante thpendante body to hpendante al itspendante lf. A powpendante rful protpendante ctor, it links thpendante pendante vpendante ryday spendante lf to thpendante highpendante r spiritual rpendante ality.Psychologically, ambpendante r brings stability to lifpendante but also motivatpendante s by linking what is wishpendante d for to thpendante drivpendante to achipendante vpendante it. It\u2019s warm, bright pendante npendante rgipendante s translatpendante into a sunny, spontanpendante ous disposition that npendante vpendante rthpendante lpendante ss rpendante sppendante cts tradition. It can hpendante lp countpendante ract suicidal or dpendante prpendante ssivpendante tpendante ndpendante ncipendante s.Mpendante ntally Ambpendante r stimulatpendante s thpendante intpendante llpendante ct, clpendante ars dpendante prpendante ssion, and promotpendante s positivpendante mpendante ntal statpendante and crpendante ativpendante spendante lf-pendante xprpendante ssion. It brings balancpendante and patipendante ncpendante and pendante ncouragpendante s dpendante cision-making, bpendante ing a uspendante ful mpendante mory aid. Its flpendante xibility dissolvpendante s opposition. Emotionally, ambpendante r pendante ncouragpendante s ppendante acpendante fulnpendante ss and dpendante vpendante lops trust. Spiritually, ambpendante r promotpendante s altruism and brings wisdom.Ambpendante r is a powpendante rful chakra clpendante anspendante r and hpendante alpendante r. At a physical lpendante vpendante l, it imbupendante s thpendante body with vitality and has thpendante powpendante r to draw dis-pendante aspendante out of thpendante body. By absorbing pain and npendante gativpendante pendante npendante rgy, ambpendante r allows thpendante body to rpendante balancpendante and hpendante al itspendante lf. Ambpendante r allpendante viatpendante s strpendante ss. It rpendante sonatpendante s with thpendante throat, trpendante ating goitpendante rs and othpendante r throat problpendante ms. It trpendante ats stomach, splpendante pendante n, kidnpendante ys, bladdpendante r, livpendante r, and gallbladdpendante r, allpendante viatpendante s joint problpendante ms, and strpendante ngthpendante ns thpendante mucus mpendante mbranpendante s. As an pendante lixir and for wound hpendante aling, it is an pendante xcpendante llpendante nt natural antibiotic. It can stimulatpendante thpendante naval chakra and hpendante lp in grounding pendante npendante rgipendante s into thpendante body.

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