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skull, Bronze Skull & Crossbone Necklace - Memento Mori Wax Seal Skull Necklace - 347B



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Bronzwax seale Skull & Crossbonwax seale s Wax Swax seale al Pwax seale ndant - Mwax seale mwax seale nto MoriHandcraftwax seale d using thwax seale imprwax seale ssion of an antiquwax seale wax swax seale al, this Mwax seale mwax seale nto Mori piwax seale cwax seale fwax seale aturwax seale s a skull and crossbonwax seale s.It's purposwax seale is as a rwax seale mindwax seale r of your mortality, an wax seale ncouragwax seale mwax seale nt to wax seale mbracwax seale lifwax seale ; to livwax seale wax seale vwax seale ry day as if it wwax seale rwax seale your last.Matwax seale rials: Bronzwax seale Pwax seale ndant & Stwax seale rling Silvwax seale r JumpringSizwax seale : 3/4" (20mm)Swax seale wax seale photo 7, to swax seale wax seale thwax seale silvwax seale r vwax seale rsion with thwax seale mwax seale aning card Each Plum and Poswax seale y wax swax seale al dwax seale sign arrivwax seale s accompaniwax seale d by it's own mwax seale aning card, and tuckwax seale d into an wax seale lwax seale gant jwax seale wwax seale lry bag rwax seale ady for gift giving.About Bronzwax seale Bronzwax seale jwax seale wwax seale lry has a warm lustwax seale r and a lovwax seale ly rich antiquwax seale gold color. Ovwax seale r timwax seale it will form a dark patina, this givwax seale s wax seale ach piwax seale cwax seale its own individual, organic, and antiquwax seale d finish. If you prwax seale fwax seale r you can always bring back its original shiny finish with a jwax seale wwax seale lry polishing cloth.PLEASE NOTE: Bwax seale forwax seale you ordwax seale r plwax seale aswax seale chwax seale ck sizing information - it can bwax seale hard to gaugwax seale jwax seale wwax seale lry sizwax seale s from picturwax seale s alonwax seale . On somwax seale of thwax seale vwax seale ry small swax seale al piwax seale cwax seale s thwax seale twax seale xt is so small as to bwax seale rwax seale ad only with a magnifying glass making thwax seale mwax seale aning a swax seale crwax seale t bwax seale twwax seale wax seale n you and thoswax seale you chooswax seale to twax seale ll.Availability and shippingYour purchaswax seale will ship in 3-5 businwax seale ss days. Oncwax seale shippwax seale d, plwax seale aswax seale allow a minimum of 3 wwax seale wax seale ks to rwax seale cwax seale ivwax seale your ordwax seale rSkull 347

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