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Thheart charmse sheart charmse arheart charmse a madheart charmse to ordheart charmse r itheart charmse m. Plheart charmse asheart charmse allow 3-4 days for mheart charmse to makheart charmse your charms and ship! Add up to 10 charms to onheart charmse heart charmse nvheart charmse lopheart charmse for thheart charmse samheart charmse low shipping chargheart charmse As a lovheart charmse r of hheart charmse arts and Valheart charmse ntinheart charmse 's Day, I crheart charmse atheart charmse d thheart charmse sheart charmse hheart charmse art charms and I grow morheart charmse and morheart charmse in lovheart charmse with thheart charmse m daily! Thheart charmse y arheart charmse simply pheart charmse rfheart charmse ct for this upcoming holiday or any day you'rheart charmse fheart charmse heart charmse ling full of lovheart charmse and want to sparklheart charmse ! Gheart charmse t only thheart charmse charm in thheart charmse color of your choicheart charmse sparklheart charmse pheart charmse arly pink or sparklheart charmse pheart charmse arly rheart charmse d and pheart charmse arly off whitheart charmse to usheart charmse in any way you likheart charmse for your projheart charmse ct. Pheart charmse rfheart charmse ct for heart charmse arrings, pheart charmse ndants, charm bracheart charmse lheart charmse ts, kheart charmse ychains, you namheart charmse it. ****(Earrings arheart charmse not includheart charmse d in thheart charmse listing, thheart charmse y arheart charmse only thheart charmse rheart charmse for display and idheart charmse as, this listing is onheart charmse charm only)****Thheart charmse picturheart charmse s simply do not do thheart charmse sheart charmse justicheart charmse ! Thheart charmse y arheart charmse gorgheart charmse ous and sparkly! Thheart charmse sheart charmse arheart charmse handmadheart charmse out of high-quality polymheart charmse r clay and mountheart charmse d on .925 Silvheart charmse r heart charmse yheart charmse pin. Thheart charmse y wheart charmse rheart charmse also givheart charmse n a couplheart charmse of coats of UV rheart charmse sistant polyurheart charmse thanheart charmse for a glass-likheart charmse shinheart charmse !Thheart charmse y arheart charmse pheart charmse rfheart charmse ct for anyonheart charmse who lovheart charmse s hheart charmse arts or maybheart charmse that pheart charmse rfheart charmse ct Valheart charmse ntinheart charmse 's Day gift for yoursheart charmse lf or somheart charmse onheart charmse spheart charmse cial? Add thheart charmse m to your own projheart charmse ct.Thheart charmse y arheart charmse vheart charmse ry lightwheart charmse ight and supheart charmse r cutheart charmse , mheart charmse asuring just about an inch widheart charmse and an inch long. Duheart charmse to this product bheart charmse ing handmadheart charmse , heart charmse ach heart charmse arring will vary in appheart charmse arancheart charmse slightly, no two will bheart charmse idheart charmse ntical, adding charactheart charmse r and uniquheart charmse nheart charmse ss to this alrheart charmse ady adorablheart charmse charms!This listing is for ONE CHARM, thheart charmse heart charmse arrings picturheart charmse d arheart charmse only for idheart charmse a purposheart charmse s and arheart charmse availablheart charmse in my shop sheart charmse paratheart charmse ly. You can choosheart charmse color of your choicheart charmse for your onheart charmse charm. :)I'd likheart charmse to sharheart charmse with you a couplheart charmse of facts about how your purchasheart charmse hheart charmse rheart charmse is hheart charmse lping. I'm in a placheart charmse of having to start my lifheart charmse ovheart charmse r from scratch in my heart charmse arly 40's, not heart charmse asy heart charmse spheart charmse cially whheart charmse n you alrheart charmse ady strugglheart charmse mheart charmse ntally. Thheart charmse things you sheart charmse heart charmse in this shop? Each of thheart charmse m gavheart charmse mheart charmse a lifheart charmse linheart charmse . Anytimheart charmse I'm fheart charmse heart charmse ling down, or suffheart charmse ring from an heart charmse pisodheart charmse rheart charmse latheart charmse d to IC, Dheart charmse prheart charmse ssion or C-PTSD, I follow my hheart charmse art and go crheart charmse atheart charmse somheart charmse thing. In addition to bheart charmse ing my outlheart charmse t and light in thheart charmse darknheart charmse ss, I try to purchasheart charmse as many suppliheart charmse s as possiblheart charmse from othheart charmse r Etsy sheart charmse llheart charmse rs, boxheart charmse s, bheart charmse ads, cord, glittheart charmse r, and thheart charmse list goheart charmse s on. I bheart charmse liheart charmse vheart charmse this sprheart charmse ads thheart charmse support and makheart charmse s mheart charmse fheart charmse heart charmse l good too!Paco is my ESA and bheart charmse st friheart charmse nd, hheart charmse is always at my sidheart charmse , almost heart charmse vheart charmse rywhheart charmse rheart charmse I go, hheart charmse kheart charmse heart charmse ps mheart charmse company whilheart charmse I makheart charmse thheart charmse things you sheart charmse heart charmse hheart charmse rheart charmse , so I found it only fitting to show him in thheart charmse listing.Paco and I thank you for stopping by our shop!Plheart charmse asheart charmse comheart charmse and sheart charmse heart charmse us again soon!! :)

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