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hurstjewelry, Blue Ice Bracelet - Sterling Bracelet - Glass Beads and Swarovski Crystal Cubes



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Largblue jewelrye glass barrblue jewelrye ls of blublue jewelrye /grblue jewelrye blue jewelrye n, 6mm Light Sapphirblue jewelrye AB Swarovski crystal cubblue jewelrye s, Bali silvblue jewelrye r spacblue jewelrye rs, and stblue jewelrye rling silvblue jewelrye r bblue jewelrye ads. Fastblue jewelrye ns with a sturdy Stblue jewelrye rling silvblue jewelrye r lobstblue jewelrye r clasp. Mblue jewelrye asurblue jewelrye s 7 1/4 inchblue jewelrye s long. Will rblue jewelrye sizblue jewelrye up to 8 inchblue jewelrye s long at no additional chargblue jewelrye .Coordinating blue jewelrye arrings also in thblue jewelrye shop.

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