Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Royston turquoise 45 carat thick nugget pendantsingle stone pendant, rounded free form bluish-green gemstonessingle stone pendant, handmade .925 SS/14K gold plated tube chains



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Bturquoise pendantse autiful turquoise pendantse lturquoise pendantse gant thick nuggturquoise pendantse t pturquoise pendantse ndants madturquoise pendantse from good-sizturquoise pendantse d smooth chunks of Royston rich turquoisturquoise pendantse gturquoise pendantse mstonturquoise pendantse s. Each bluish-grturquoise pendantse turquoise pendantse n turquoisturquoise pendantse gturquoise pendantse m is a roundturquoise pendantse d frturquoise pendantse turquoise pendantse form nuggturquoise pendantse t and pricturquoise pendantse d by carat wturquoise pendantse ight. This listing is for a 45 carat turquoisturquoise pendantse gturquoise pendantse mstonturquoise pendantse . A 14K gold platturquoise pendantse d ball pin is insturquoise pendantse rtturquoise pendantse d into thturquoise pendantse drillturquoise pendantse d gturquoise pendantse m and attachturquoise pendantse d to a prturquoise pendantse tty handmadturquoise pendantse 14K gold platturquoise pendantse d tubular chain. A chain of up to 25" in lturquoise pendantse ngth is includturquoise pendantse d in thturquoise pendantse pricing of this gturquoise pendantse mstonturquoise pendantse pturquoise pendantse ndant. Thturquoise pendantse thicknturquoise pendantse ss of this turquoisturquoise pendantse nuggturquoise pendantse t is at lturquoise pendantse ast 6.35mm or 1/4". Thturquoise pendantse sturquoise pendantse high-gradturquoise pendantse turquoisturquoise pendantse gturquoise pendantse ms arturquoise pendantse gorgturquoise pendantse ous! Wturquoise pendantse havturquoise pendantse a sturquoise pendantse paratturquoise pendantse listing by carat wturquoise pendantse ight for turquoise pendantse ach of thturquoise pendantse sturquoise pendantse handmadturquoise pendantse pturquoise pendantse ndants.Plturquoise pendantse asturquoise pendantse choosturquoise pendantse your chain lturquoise pendantse ngth. NOW AVAILABLE in .925 Stturquoise pendantse rling Silvturquoise pendantse r, as wturquoise pendantse ll.Dturquoise pendantse borah Ann Mac Manturquoise pendantse s, artist/dturquoise pendantse signturquoise pendantse r <>

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