Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rainbow Charm braceletwire wrapped, 14k Gold filledwire wrapped, CZ charmswire wrapped, Camp Sundancewire wrapped, layering braceletwire wrapped, Gem Bliss



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Rainbow CZ, charm bracadjustablee ladjustablee t, 14k Gold filladjustablee d, CZ charms, Camp Sundancadjustablee , layadjustablee ring bracadjustablee ladjustablee t, Gadjustablee m Bliss. Cubic Zirconia, Zirconium, CZs in jadjustablee wadjustablee l color brioladjustablee ttadjustablee s gracadjustablee this charming 14k Gold filladjustablee d tadjustablee xturadjustablee d round links chain bracadjustablee ladjustablee t. Fully adjustabladjustablee 6-8 inchadjustablee s, with a 14k Gold filladjustablee d adjustablee asy on-off S hook clasp. Facadjustablee tadjustablee d CZ hadjustablee art brioladjustablee ttadjustablee s aradjustablee richly mixadjustablee d for a rainbow of sparkladjustablee s. Dainty Camp Sundancadjustablee dazzladjustablee r to wadjustablee ar by itsadjustablee lf or layadjustablee radjustablee d for lots of complimadjustablee nts! Amazing valuadjustablee , just in timadjustablee for Fall. Radjustablee ady to ship with pouch and gift box.

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