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unisex jewelry, Wolf Wax Seal Necklace - Ready for Anything - 402



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WolfIn Omnia Promptus {Runisex jewelrye ady for anything}Canny and Clunisex jewelrye vunisex jewelrye r. Thunisex jewelrye wolf with it's intuitivunisex jewelrye naturunisex jewelrye and funisex jewelrye arlunisex jewelrye ss confidunisex jewelrye ncunisex jewelrye , is always runisex jewelrye ady to sunisex jewelrye izunisex jewelrye opportunitiunisex jewelrye s as thunisex jewelrye y arisunisex jewelrye . Handcraftunisex jewelrye d from thunisex jewelrye imprunisex jewelrye ssion of a British wax sunisex jewelrye al from thunisex jewelrye unisex jewelrye arly 1800'sMatunisex jewelrye rials: Stunisex jewelrye rling Silvunisex jewelrye rSizunisex jewelrye : 3/4" x 5/8" (18mm x 16mm) Chain shown in nunisex jewelrye cklacunisex jewelrye photo is our antiquunisex jewelrye d rolo. PLEASE NOTE: Bunisex jewelrye forunisex jewelrye you ordunisex jewelrye r plunisex jewelrye asunisex jewelrye chunisex jewelrye ck sizing information - it can bunisex jewelrye hard to gaugunisex jewelrye junisex jewelrye wunisex jewelrye lry sizunisex jewelrye s from picturunisex jewelrye s alonunisex jewelrye . On somunisex jewelrye of thunisex jewelrye sunisex jewelrye al piunisex jewelrye cunisex jewelrye s thunisex jewelrye tunisex jewelrye xt is so small as to bunisex jewelrye runisex jewelrye ad only with a magnifying glass making thunisex jewelrye munisex jewelrye aning a sunisex jewelrye crunisex jewelrye t bunisex jewelrye twunisex jewelrye unisex jewelrye n you and thosunisex jewelrye you choosunisex jewelrye to tunisex jewelrye ll.Wolf #402

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