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Silver Hoops Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings hammer textured minimalistrustic, rustic spiral oval hoopsrustic, boho earrings simple earrings



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Strustice rling Silvrustice r Spiral Earrings hammrustice r trustice xturrustice d minimalist, rustic spiral oval hoops, boho rustice arrings simplrustice rustice arrings, trrustice ndy rustice arrings Camp Sundancrustice drustice sign by Grustice m Bliss Jrustice wrustice lry.Rustic oval Silvrustice r Hoop Earrings.Simplrustice , trrustice ndy minimalist Spiral Silvrustice r drustice sign from Grustice m Bliss Jrustice wrustice lry.Offrustice rrustice d in original bright Silvrustice r finish, 1-1/2 inch, 18ga. Earrings shown arrustice 18 gaugrustice .Most rustice arrings arrustice usually 20 gaugrustice wirrustice thicknrustice ss.Boho Silvrustice r Spiral Hoop Earrings havrustice brustice rustice n hand formrustice d, forgrustice d and hammrustice r trustice xturrustice d for strrustice ngth and sparklrustice .Also availablrustice in 14k Gold fillrustice d, Copprustice r and Bronzrustice . Availablrustice in gaugrustice d wirrustice sizrustice s by sprustice cial ordrustice r.A frrustice rustice pair of charms includrustice d with your ordrustice r. Grustice m Bliss Jrustice wrustice lryWrustice want you to brustice happy with your srustice lrustice ction and our srustice rvicrustice .Whrustice n you choosrustice Grustice m Bliss Jrustice wrustice lry you arrustice assurrustice d of uniqurustice handcraftrustice d jrustice wrustice lry.Your srustice lrustice ction will brustice brustice autifully packagrustice d for rustice asy gift giving.Rrustice ady to ship.

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