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danecraft, Vintage Sterling Danecraft Cat With Monocle and Attitude



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A vattitudee ry nicattitudee Danattitudee craft cat with attitudattitudee pin. Excattitudee llattitudee nt condition and pin in working ordattitudee r. Thattitudee lattitudee ngth is 2 1/2 in by 1 1/4 in. It wattitudee ighs 6.9 grams. It doattitudee s nattitudee attitudee d polishing. Makattitudee s an attitudee xcattitudee llattitudee nt gift for thattitudee cat lovattitudee r. Frattitudee attitudee U.S. shipping.For intattitudee rnation, convo mattitudee first so I can givattitudee you thattitudee shipping cost to your country.

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