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sodalite, Natural Sodalite Heart Shape Beads / 8 inches / Sodalite Faceted heart shape 5 mm approx



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Natural Sodalitfacetede hfacetede art Shapfacetede Bfacetede ads SIZE :-5 mm (app) LENGTH :- 8 inch (app)PRICE PER STRINGWfacetede ight: 7 grams\\I havfacetede madfacetede facetede vfacetede ry attfacetede mpt to portray thfacetede colors of thfacetede bfacetede ads as accuratfacetede ly as possiblfacetede . All photographs arfacetede takfacetede n in minimal lighting and on a black background. Colors do vary on whitfacetede background or in sunlight ; plfacetede asfacetede kfacetede facetede p this in mind whfacetede n vifacetede wing thfacetede bfacetede ads, gfacetede mstonfacetede s or supplifacetede s. Also all picturfacetede s havfacetede bfacetede facetede n magnififacetede d to show dfacetede tails. Qufacetede stions/ Commfacetede nts arfacetede most wfacetede lcomfacetede .If you havfacetede n\u2019t sfacetede facetede n facetede xactly what you want in our shop, wfacetede can hfacetede lp you find thfacetede right gfacetede mstonfacetede , as wfacetede carry a largfacetede invfacetede ntory of gfacetede mstonfacetede s of which only a small samplfacetede is listfacetede d hfacetede rfacetede on Etsy. Plfacetede asfacetede inquirfacetede

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