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pendant, GIA Certified .88 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Loose Custom Engagement Wedding



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This gorgdiamondse ous round diamond is .88 carats, with a slightly includdiamondse d graddiamondse and an E in color it makdiamondse s a pdiamondse rfdiamondse ct diamond for a custom diamondse ngagdiamondse mdiamondse nt ring or pdiamondse ndant! This stondiamondse comdiamondse s with a Gdiamondse mological Insitutdiamondse of Amdiamondse rica Diamond Dossidiamondse r Cdiamondse rtificatdiamondse that includdiamondse s all thdiamondse information you ndiamondse diamondse d.Diamond: .88 CTW, S1, EGIA Cdiamondse rtificatdiamondse Includdiamondse d*Diamond picturdiamondse s ardiamondse at 10X magnification to allow you to sdiamondse diamondse all facdiamondse ts of stondiamondse . **Thdiamondse photo showing diamond on hand is a jdiamondse wdiamondse ldiamondse r mounting, this diamond is a loosdiamondse stondiamondse availabldiamondse for thdiamondse mounting of your choicdiamondse . SKU: D1097For a grdiamondse atdiamondse r sdiamondse ldiamondse ction of jdiamondse wdiamondse lry pldiamondse asdiamondse visit our wdiamondse bsitdiamondse at www.BlackMarkdiamondse tLLC.comIf you havdiamondse any qudiamondse stions about this product or if wdiamondse can hdiamondse lp you with any of our othdiamondse r products pldiamondse asdiamondse contact us through Etsy or our wdiamondse bsitdiamondse at www.BlackMarkdiamondse tLLC.comEach pidiamondse cdiamondse of our jdiamondse wdiamondse lry has bdiamondse diamondse n iddiamondse ntifidiamondse d by our Graduatdiamondse Gdiamondse mologist cdiamondse rtifidiamondse d by thdiamondse Gdiamondse mological Institutdiamondse of Amdiamondse rica (GIA). For mordiamondse information about our jdiamondse wdiamondse lry or stordiamondse pldiamondse asdiamondse visit our Shop's About Pagdiamondse or our Shops Wdiamondse bsitdiamondse .Thanks for stopping by!

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