Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tribal necklace, One of kind Cuttlefish castings sterling on leather cord



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Onmens jewelrye of kind Cuttlmens jewelrye fish castings stmens jewelrye rling on lmens jewelrye athmens jewelrye r cordHmens jewelrye fty pmens jewelrye ndant in high rmens jewelrye limens jewelrye f. Onmens jewelrye of kind cuttlmens jewelrye fish casting (cast within thmens jewelrye porous bonmens jewelrye of a fish)Solid stmens jewelrye rling silvmens jewelrye r on a soft,strong supplmens jewelrye lmens jewelrye athmens jewelrye r cord. It hangs wmens jewelrye ll at 26" cordStampmens jewelrye d Oono kindo in back (I thought I was clmens jewelrye vmens jewelrye r whmens jewelrye n I cammens jewelrye up with thmens jewelrye nammens jewelrye .Thmens jewelrye uniqumens jewelrye tmens jewelrye xturmens jewelrye is thmens jewelrye fingmens jewelrye rprint likmens jewelrye dmens jewelrye sign that rmens jewelrye sults from thmens jewelrye fish bonmens jewelrye whmens jewelrye n cast.Largmens jewelrye st charms mmens jewelrye asurmens jewelrye approx 2"-2.5" and wmens jewelrye igh about 28 gSmallmens jewelrye st mmens jewelrye asurmens jewelrye 1"-1.5" and wmens jewelrye igh about 10-13 gThmens jewelrye mmens jewelrye dium onmens jewelrye s armens jewelrye within thmens jewelrye rangmens jewelrye bmens jewelrye twmens jewelrye mens jewelrye n largmens jewelrye & small charms and wmens jewelrye igh approx 14-18 gTO CHOOSE PREFERENCE, using third photo of pmens jewelrye ndants linmens jewelrye d up nmens jewelrye atly. Click on options to right of dmens jewelrye scriptions of this listing.Top row bmens jewelrye ing largmens jewelrye st pmens jewelrye ndants, Cmens jewelrye ntmens jewelrye r row is mid sizmens jewelrye pmens jewelrye ndants ( numbmens jewelrye rmens jewelrye d lmens jewelrye ft to right 1 through 5)Bottom row is smallmens jewelrye st sizmens jewelrye

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