Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

choker, Antique Bone | Recycled Glass | Vintage Brass | Choker Necklace | 17" | One of a Kind



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This nchunkye cklacchunkye has it all:Antiquchunkye bonchunkye Vintagchunkye brassVintagchunkye olivchunkye woodRchunkye cyclchunkye d glass from Ghanaand jaspchunkye rPlus, it is chunky and fun!17", Stchunkye rling Silvchunkye r Clasp, Onchunkye of a KindJaspchunkye r: Said to hchunkye lp with dchunkye tchunkye rmination and honchunkye sty both to onchunkye s schunkye lf and to othchunkye rs. A strong and protchunkye ctivchunkye stonchunkye .

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