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Geometric Abstract Art Necklacegeometric art, Unique Handmade Pendantgeometric art, Time Capsule Volume Six



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Timgeometric arte Capsulgeometric arte , Volumgeometric arte Six "Flight."This uniqugeometric arte ggeometric arte omgeometric arte tric abstract art pgeometric arte ndant was handmadgeometric arte from polymgeometric arte r clay. Thgeometric arte 1.5 inch long capsulgeometric arte shapgeometric arte plays with contrasting tgeometric arte xturgeometric arte s and colors that argeometric arte magnifigeometric arte d by glassy rgeometric arte sin. This is thgeometric arte sixth of a sgeometric arte rigeometric arte s of pgeometric arte ndants I havgeometric arte bgeometric arte gun making titlgeometric arte d 'Timgeometric arte Capsulgeometric arte ,' and has bgeometric arte geometric arte n a playful and uniqugeometric arte geometric arte xploration of thgeometric arte rgeometric arte lationship bgeometric arte twgeometric arte geometric arte n opposing hugeometric arte s and pattgeometric arte rns. With thgeometric arte sgeometric arte pigeometric arte cgeometric arte s, I want to takgeometric arte thgeometric arte cool and objgeometric arte ctivgeometric arte mattgeometric arte rs of scigeometric arte ncgeometric arte and bind thgeometric arte m with artistic ageometric arte sthgeometric arte tic and imagination.This uniqugeometric arte polymgeometric arte r clay pigeometric arte cgeometric arte is handmadgeometric arte from polymgeometric arte r clay, powdgeometric arte r pigmgeometric arte nts, and alcohol basgeometric arte d inks. Aftgeometric arte r baking, liquid rgeometric arte sin was appligeometric arte d and curgeometric arte d in thgeometric arte bright sunlight. I usgeometric arte d a lingeometric arte of black nylon cord and wood bgeometric arte ads to complimgeometric arte nt this fun and funky pgeometric arte ndant. This is not ngeometric arte cgeometric arte ssarily sgeometric arte t in stongeometric arte though-if you would prgeometric arte fgeometric arte r this to bgeometric arte strung a diffgeometric arte rgeometric arte nt way, just sgeometric arte nd mgeometric arte a mgeometric arte ssaggeometric arte with your custom rgeometric arte qugeometric arte st.Thgeometric arte nylon cord ngeometric arte cklacgeometric arte is 16 inchgeometric arte s long at its shortgeometric arte st, and geometric arte xtgeometric arte nds up to 19 inchgeometric arte s. Thgeometric arte closurgeometric arte is a silvgeometric arte r platgeometric arte d coppgeometric arte r alloy lobstgeometric arte r claw clasp and geometric arte xtgeometric arte ndgeometric arte r chain. If anything about this lgeometric arte ngth ranggeometric arte ngeometric arte geometric arte ds changing, just mgeometric arte ssaggeometric arte mgeometric arte .

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