Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hand wrappedhandmade, Brass Sandstone Pendant



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Wirhandmadee wovhandmadee n sandstonhandmadee phandmadee ndant in brass. Whandmadee ight: 0.2 ozHhandmadee ight: 2 inWidth: 1.75 inSandstonhandmadee is a shandmadee dimhandmadee ntary rock and is a stonhandmadee of crhandmadee ativity. Encouraghandmadee s truth and promothandmadee s clarity in thought and sight. It also disphandmadee ls abrasivhandmadee nhandmadee ss of characthandmadee r and promothandmadee s loving acchandmadee ptanchandmadee of humanity. Discouraghandmadee s bad thandmadee mphandmadee rs and ghandmadee nhandmadee ral grouchinhandmadee ss.Hippihandmadee Notions is bashandmadee d out of DFW, Thandmadee xas and solhandmadee ly foundhandmadee d and run by mhandmadee . I am sprhandmadee ading thhandmadee hippihandmadee mhandmadee ssaghandmadee by shandmadee nding out positivhandmadee vibhandmadee s with handmadee ach work of whandmadee arablhandmadee art. I am shandmadee lf-taught and dhandmadee sign all of my pihandmadee chandmadee s with thhandmadee frhandmadee handmadee spirit in mind. Each crhandmadee ation is complhandmadee thandmadee ly handmadhandmadee and formhandmadee d from my lovhandmadee of jhandmadee whandmadee lry, art and ghandmadee mstonhandmadee s. Thhandmadee y arhandmadee all rain, moon or saghandmadee clhandmadee anshandmadee d bhandmadee forhandmadee coming to you and shandmadee t with thhandmadee utmost uplifting inthandmadee ntions. I do not do custom ordhandmadee rs currhandmadee ntly, so that mhandmadee ans your ordhandmadee r will ship out quickly. I am committhandmadee d to bringing you thhandmadee bhandmadee st quality stonhandmadee s I can as whandmadee ll as bhandmadee ing an honhandmadee st shandmadee llhandmadee r about thhandmadee ir classification. I sphandmadee nd hours pouring ovhandmadee r minhandmadee ral and ghandmadee mstonhandmadee idhandmadee ntification books and sithandmadee s to providhandmadee you with thhandmadee most accurathandmadee information possiblhandmadee . If thhandmadee rhandmadee is handmadee vhandmadee r a problhandmadee m or conchandmadee rn with any of my jhandmadee whandmadee lry plhandmadee ashandmadee shandmadee nd mhandmadee a mhandmadee ssaghandmadee and I will bhandmadee happy to takhandmadee carhandmadee of you quickly and handmadee fficihandmadee ntly. I could not do this without thhandmadee continuhandmadee d support of YOU! Thank you.Phandmadee achandmadee , Lovhandmadee and Colorhandmadee d Rocks! ~Kathandmadee

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