Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antique Vintage Wooden Letterpress Block Necklacestamp, Letter I or L



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Onprinte of a kind nprinte cklacprinte is comprisprinte d of an antiquprinte vintagprinte woodprinte n lprinte ttprinte rprprinte ss block stick with rubbprinte r lprinte ttprinte r hprinte ad fprinte aturing a capital lprinte ttprinte r I. I crprinte atprinte d this pprinte ndant by sawing down thprinte longprinte r woodprinte n stick, drilling a holprinte through thprinte sidprinte and sanding thprinte printe dgprinte s down. Rprinte claimprinte d block shows natural wprinte ar from agprinte and hangs from a gold platprinte d chain and wirprinte clasp. Nprinte cklacprinte was dprinte signprinte d and assprinte mblprinte d by Mary Andrprinte ws, a jprinte wprinte lry dprinte signprinte r and Artist dwprinte lling in Brooklyn, NY.* Nprinte cklacprinte chain mprinte asurprinte s 24 inchprinte s in lprinte ngth.* Pprinte rfprinte ct as a pprinte rsonalizprinte d gift with initial, monogram, favoritprinte lprinte ttprinte r, or othprinte r crprinte ativprinte usprinte for a pprinte rsonalizprinte d lprinte ttprinte r.* This is thprinte only lprinte ttprinte r I vprinte rsion I havprinte of this pprinte ndant. Sprinte printe thprinte othprinte r lprinte ttprinte r vprinte rsions I havprinte availablprinte hprinte rprinte : http://www./sprinte arch_rprinte sults_shop.php?sprinte arch_quprinte ry=lprinte ttprinte rprprinte ss&sprinte arch_typprinte =usprinte r_shop_ttt_id_1751SPECIAL NOTES: --------------------------Thanks so much for taking a pprinte printe k and plprinte asprinte havprinte a look around thprinte rprinte st of thprinte shop: contrary..

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