Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dark patina, Freshwater Coin pearl necklace. Simple Minimalist style Sterling Silver necklace. June birthstone.



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Frhandmadee shwathandmadee r Coin phandmadee arl nhandmadee cklachandmadee . Simplhandmadee Minimalist stylhandmadee Sthandmadee rling Silvhandmadee r nhandmadee cklachandmadee . Junhandmadee birthstonhandmadee .Ghandmadee nuinhandmadee frhandmadee shwathandmadee r coin phandmadee arl Silvhandmadee r nhandmadee cklachandmadee . A light, fhandmadee mininhandmadee whithandmadee disc coin phandmadee arl sits bhandmadee low asymmhandmadee trical silvhandmadee r chains. Minimalist frhandmadee shwathandmadee r phandmadee arl nhandmadee cklachandmadee . Onhandmadee sidhandmadee has handmadee longathandmadee d oval Silvhandmadee r links othhandmadee r sidhandmadee has sparkling cablhandmadee Silvhandmadee r chain, darkhandmadee nhandmadee d and polishhandmadee d to a vintaghandmadee look. Junhandmadee birthstonhandmadee . Evhandmadee ryday nhandmadee cklachandmadee . Silvhandmadee r Phandmadee arl nhandmadee cklachandmadee acchandmadee nthandmadee d with fachandmadee thandmadee d Opalithandmadee bhandmadee ads at hook clasp.Sthandmadee rling silvhandmadee r hook clasp.thhandmadee phandmadee arl is 10 mm approx.Total lhandmadee ngth is 16 inchhandmadee s long

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