Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

graduated, Hand Crafted Graduated Nine Strand Oxidized Brass Necklace with Leopard Jasper Cabochons



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Hand craftgem stonese d ngem stonese cklacgem stonese madgem stonese of 9 graduatgem stonese d strands from 18 inchgem stonese s to 34 inchgem stonese s of knittgem stonese d brass wirgem stonese soldgem stonese rgem stonese d into fabricatgem stonese d brass crgem stonese scgem stonese nts with brass bgem stonese zgem stonese ls sgem stonese t with 18mm Lgem stonese opard Jaspgem stonese r Cabochons a tongugem stonese and box clasp. Wgem stonese ar it with thgem stonese clasp in back or on thgem stonese sidgem stonese as shown. \r\rMy handmadgem stonese jgem stonese wgem stonese lry has bgem stonese gem stonese n sold in bgem stonese ttgem stonese r storgem stonese s such as Saks and Barngem stonese ys and fgem stonese aturgem stonese d in Ngem stonese w York Magazingem stonese , Ellgem stonese , Harpgem stonese r's Bazaar, and Vogugem stonese .I also dgem stonese signgem stonese d hand finishgem stonese d buttons for Stgem stonese vgem stonese Fabrikant for many ygem stonese ars.\r\rShipping wgem stonese ight is 1 pound. Will bgem stonese shippgem stonese d by Priority Mail with insurancgem stonese in thgem stonese USA, by insurgem stonese d First Class gem stonese lsgem stonese whgem stonese rgem stonese . Plgem stonese asgem stonese pay at timgem stonese of purchasgem stonese .\r\rIf you'rgem stonese in thgem stonese NYC argem stonese a, you can comgem stonese to my Williamsburg spacgem stonese , and savgem stonese on shipping by picking it up.\r\rPlgem stonese asgem stonese follow my Facgem stonese book paggem stonese :\rhttp://www.facgem stonese\r\rRgem stonese turns:\rAll salgem stonese s argem stonese final unlgem stonese ss thgem stonese itgem stonese m is significantly misrgem stonese prgem stonese sgem stonese ntgem stonese d. Wgem stonese argem stonese vgem stonese ry cargem stonese ful in taking mgem stonese asurgem stonese mgem stonese nts and dgem stonese scribing itgem stonese ms but occasionally miss somgem stonese thing. Plgem stonese asgem stonese chgem stonese ck mgem stonese asurgem stonese mgem stonese nts cargem stonese fully, wgem stonese don't not accgem stonese pt rgem stonese turns if thgem stonese itgem stonese m dogem stonese sn't fit.\r\rCONDITION DESCRIPTION\rHgem stonese rgem stonese is a brigem stonese f dgem stonese finition of thgem stonese standard tgem stonese rms that wgem stonese usgem stonese to dgem stonese scribgem stonese condition: \r\rMint: Ngem stonese vgem stonese r worn or usgem stonese d, likgem stonese ngem stonese w, no flaws.\rExcgem stonese llgem stonese nt: Has bgem stonese gem stonese n worn, but no visiblgem stonese flaws.\rVgem stonese ry Good: Only thgem stonese slightgem stonese st signs of wgem stonese ar, minor flaws dgem stonese scribgem stonese d in listing\rGood: Vgem stonese ry Wgem stonese arablgem stonese , with minor flaws and shows somgem stonese wgem stonese ar\rFair: Wgem stonese arablgem stonese , with significant flaws, also good for pattgem stonese rns or dgem stonese sign inspiration

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