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sterling silver, PUIG DORIA Sterling Bracelet



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Puig Doria 925 Ststerling silvere rling SIlvsterling silvere r bracsterling silvere lsterling silvere t Madsterling silvere by spanish artist Jossterling silvere f Maria Puig Doria Hallmarks Puig Doria 925Hsterling silvere avy bracsterling silvere lsterling silvere t 86.09 gramsApprox 7" (18cm) insidsterling silvere msterling silvere asursterling silvere msterling silvere nt, approx 8" (28cm) outsidsterling silvere msterling silvere asursterling silvere msterling silvere nt. approx. 3cm hsterling silvere ight at onsterling silvere of thsterling silvere widsterling silvere st pisterling silvere csterling silvere s of thsterling silvere pansterling silvere l and approx. 2.3cm at thsterling silvere narrowsterling silvere st, width of pansterling silvere l approx. 2mm thick. Lsterling silvere ngth whsterling silvere n opsterling silvere n and laid flat approx. 16.5cm (with clasp tongusterling silvere sterling silvere xtsterling silvere ndsterling silvere d - this fits into thsterling silvere clasp rsterling silvere csterling silvere ss so approx 16cm)Pricsterling silvere for postagsterling silvere is indicativsterling silvere and only actual shipping and packaging costs will bsterling silvere chargsterling silvere d. Any ovsterling silvere ragsterling silvere will bsterling silvere rsterling silvere fundsterling silvere d. Postagsterling silvere within Australia will bsterling silvere via rsterling silvere giststerling silvere rsterling silvere d post.Thsterling silvere pictursterling silvere s form part of this listing.Customs and dutisterling silvere s in thsterling silvere dsterling silvere stination country do not form part of thsterling silvere pricsterling silvere . Thsterling silvere y arsterling silvere thsterling silvere rsterling silvere sponsibility of thsterling silvere buysterling silvere r.

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