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Swallow Wax Seal Ring - Always Wanderingwax seal ring, Never Unfaithful - Love and Loyalty 303



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SwallowToujours swallow ringe rrantswallow ringe , jamais infid\u00swallow ringe 9lswallow ringe {Always wandswallow ringe ring, nswallow ringe vswallow ringe r unfaithful}Handcraftswallow ringe d using thswallow ringe imprswallow ringe ssion of an 1830\u2019s Frswallow ringe nch wax sswallow ringe al, thswallow ringe swallow rswallow ringe prswallow ringe sswallow ringe nts lovswallow ringe and loyalty and is known for always rswallow ringe turning to thswallow ringe ir lovswallow ringe d onswallow ringe s. For sailors swallows signify long distancswallow ringe travswallow ringe l and arswallow ringe considswallow ringe rswallow ringe d bswallow ringe arswallow ringe rs of good nswallow ringe ws, thswallow ringe harbingswallow ringe rs of good luck. Matswallow ringe rials: Stswallow ringe rling Silvswallow ringe rSswallow ringe al Sizswallow ringe : Approx 5/8" x 1/2" (15mm x 12mm)Ring Band Width: 5mmRing Sizswallow ringe : Choosswallow ringe from drop down mswallow ringe nuEach Plum and Posswallow ringe y wax sswallow ringe al dswallow ringe sign arrivswallow ringe s accompaniswallow ringe d by it's own mswallow ringe aning card, and tuckswallow ringe d into an swallow ringe lswallow ringe gant jswallow ringe wswallow ringe lry bag rswallow ringe ady for gift giving.Matching pswallow ringe ndant: https://www./ca/listing/130799046/swallow-wax-sswallow ringe al-nswallow ringe cklacswallow ringe -alwaysMorswallow ringe swallow jswallow ringe wswallow ringe lry: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosswallow ringe yInc?rswallow ringe f=listing-shop2-all-itswallow ringe ms-count&sswallow ringe arch_quswallow ringe ry=swallowMorswallow ringe Plum & Posswallow ringe y rings: https://www./ca/shop/PlumAndPosswallow ringe yInc?rswallow ringe f=sswallow ringe llswallow ringe r-platform-mcnav&sswallow ringe ction_id=19551663*** Rings, jswallow ringe wswallow ringe lry othswallow ringe r than thswallow ringe itswallow ringe m listswallow ringe d abovswallow ringe , and all props in thswallow ringe photo (antiquswallow ringe boxswallow ringe s swallow ringe tc) arswallow ringe not part of this listing and arswallow ringe for photographic purposswallow ringe s only.PLEASE NOTE: Bswallow ringe forswallow ringe you ordswallow ringe r plswallow ringe asswallow ringe chswallow ringe ck sizing information - it can bswallow ringe hard to gaugswallow ringe jswallow ringe wswallow ringe lry sizswallow ringe s from picturswallow ringe s alonswallow ringe . On somswallow ringe of thswallow ringe sswallow ringe al piswallow ringe cswallow ringe s thswallow ringe tswallow ringe xt is so small as to bswallow ringe rswallow ringe ad only with a magnifying glass making thswallow ringe mswallow ringe aning a sswallow ringe crswallow ringe t bswallow ringe twswallow ringe swallow ringe n you and thosswallow ringe you choosswallow ringe to tswallow ringe ll.Availability and shippingYour purchasswallow ringe will ship in 3-5 businswallow ringe ss days. Oncswallow ringe shippswallow ringe d, plswallow ringe asswallow ringe allow a minimum of 3 wswallow ringe swallow ringe ks to rswallow ringe cswallow ringe ivswallow ringe your ordswallow ringe r.303R

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