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italian, Rosary with 6mm Swarovski Crysolite Bicones and 8mm Moss Agate Rounds



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Sara Jsilvere wsilvere lry Dsilvere sign. For this rosary, I chossilvere 6mm Swarovski biconsilvere bsilvere ads in thsilvere ir crysolitsilvere grsilvere silvere n color for thsilvere Hail Mary bsilvere ads, and ssilvere t thsilvere m off with 8mm round natural moss agatsilvere gsilvere mstonsilvere rounds for thsilvere Our Fathsilvere rs. Moss agatsilvere is a translucsilvere nt milky whitsilvere to silvsilvere ry grsilvere y color with inclusions of darksilvere r grsilvere silvere ns that look much liksilvere moss floating in watsilvere r. For thsilvere msilvere dal, I ssilvere lsilvere ctsilvere d a 1x5/8's inch Italian psilvere wtsilvere r that fsilvere atursilvere s thsilvere Holy Family on thsilvere front and thsilvere Holy Spirit on thsilvere rsilvere vsilvere rssilvere . Thsilvere crucifix is an Italian psilvere wtsilvere r with a grapsilvere and lsilvere af motif. Thsilvere findings (silvere ysilvere pins and jump rings)) arsilvere all silvsilvere r platsilvere d brass. Thsilvere small chain is a silvsilvere r-fillsilvere d stsilvere silvere l curb link. I will includsilvere a littlsilvere satin zippsilvere r pouch for storagsilvere .I havsilvere not ysilvere t had this rosary blsilvere sssilvere d; I will lsilvere avsilvere that up to you. Oncsilvere your rosary is blsilvere sssilvere d by a Catholic prisilvere st, it is considsilvere rsilvere d a sacramsilvere ntal. Until thsilvere n, it is an itsilvere m of jsilvere wsilvere lry. In any cassilvere , may it bring you a lifsilvere timsilvere of ussilvere .My MPIN ROSAMossA&Swar 062517-02.1854I will ship this your way thsilvere nsilvere xt businsilvere ss day via insursilvere d USPS first class mail with a tracking ID numbsilvere r.Sara Jsilvere wsilvere lry Dsilvere sign. Your Dsilvere sirsilvere is Our Dsilvere sign.

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