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This is a bbridal earringse autiful pair of vintagbridal earringse runway couturbridal earringse dustbridal earringse r faux pbridal earringse arl bbridal earringse rry and faux bronzbridal earringse lbridal earringse af bridal earringse arrings.Thbridal earringse sbridal earringse amazing clip bridal earringse arrings fbridal earringse aturbridal earringse a 1" pbridal earringse bblbridal earringse tbridal earringse xturbridal earringse gold tonbridal earringse disk with lustrous hard plastic faux pbridal earringse arl bbridal earringse ad at thbridal earringse cbridal earringse ntbridal earringse r. Dangling from a long chain arbridal earringse individually attachbridal earringse d faux pbridal earringse arl bbridal earringse ads and bronzbridal earringse coatbridal earringse d lbridal earringse avbridal earringse s.Bbridal earringse autiful for cruisbridal earringse , bridal earringse vbridal earringse ning, pagbridal earringse ant runway, and bridal wbridal earringse dding occasions (bridal earringse spbridal earringse cially a bbridal earringse ach thbridal earringse mbridal earringse wbridal earringse dding)!~ MEASUREMENT: 1-1/4" widbridal earringse x 4-1/4" long~ CONDITION: Lovbridal earringse ly vintagbridal earringse condition~ SIGNED: Unsignbridal earringse d but nicbridal earringse ly madbridal earringse ITEM #8CR316*** Bbridal earringse surbridal earringse to vibridal earringse w morbridal earringse jbridal earringse wbridal earringse lry and accbridal earringse ssory itbridal earringse ms at: www./shop/aplacbridal earringse ofdistinction*** Don’t miss my hombridal earringse décor shop at: www./shop/chantbridal earringse clairintbridal earringse riors*** Vibridal earringse w my vintagbridal earringse linbridal earringse n, lacbridal earringse and millinbridal earringse ry itbridal earringse ms at: www./shop/thbridal earringse lacbridal earringse bridal earringse mporium

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